Holiday Scenic is a portable fabric kennel for small and medium-sized dogs. Supported by a steel frame, lightweight yet sturdy at the same time, it features a water-repellent and scratch-resistant nylon coating and two comfortable extendable sides with verandas, perfect for providing your friend with extra space to rest. Completely foldable, the kennel, once closed, takes up little room and offers your dog comfortable accommodation during travel or short trips, dog shows or training courses. Easy to assemble and disassemble, the dog box is ideal to be always carried with you, as it includes a carrying bag. Holiday Scenic is equipped with wide nylon mesh windows, useful for internal ventilation and the passage of light, but that protect your four-legged friend from potential hazards.
Holiday Scenic comes complete with 4 pegs for fixing to the ground, one comfortable mattress and two cushions for the verandas. Finally, the bottom has special anti-slip caps to ensure maximum stability.
Holiday Scenic is available in different models to suit various sizes.