Лакомство для ухода за зубами собак

100% Snack

We present you our new range of irresistible and functional Dental Snacks for dogs: many shapes, many sizes and many benefits!

With Ferplast's vegetable snacks, your dog's oral hygiene is guaranteed!

Their specific shape ensures better penetration between the teeth and their consistency is designed to prolong chewing. They are effective in removing plaque with a massaging effect for healthy gums. They can also be filled with paté or dog toothpaste for more taste and benefit! Rich in functional ingredients, they contribute to the proper functioning of the dog's body and improve its health.

Our dog snacks are made from only natural ingredients, designed to be healthy and appetising, without artificial colourings.

Hygiene, play, health and taste in one Snack. What are you waiting for? Try them for yourself!

2 продуктов

2 продуктов