Cat scratching post complete with rope column with toy, cat's bed and hammock


  • Scratching post for cats
  • Structure in robust wood, FSC™ certified, covered with velvet
  • Comfortable cat's bed with internal cushion
  • Practical entry hole for the animal
  • Provided with hammock in soft velvet
  • Column in resistant rope to let your cat to sharpen their nails
  • Base useful for positioning other accessories for the cat
  • Plush play ball for the amusement of the animal

Yoshi is the scratching post for cats, a place just for them, a nest where they can remain quiet and play at the same time.
It is in fact complete with a comfortable cat's bed for relaxation, a hammock and a robust rope column which Kitty could scratch when they choose, complete with a cheerful plush toy ball in the shape of a pompom. Inside the little house, accessible through a comfortable entry hole, your cat will be able to rest calmly, cuddled by a comfortable cushion in soft velvet.
Yoshi has a solid structure made of FSC™ certified wood, that is sourced from forests that are managed correctly and responsibly according to strict environmental, social and economic standards and other controlled sources, covered with soft velvet, really irresistible to the touch! The base, provided with leaning feet, is very useful to place accessories like bowls for water and food.
Available in one single model with neutral colours that will never fall out of fashion, it will perfectly integrate with your house environment.

Scratching posts by Ferplast do not finish here! Inside the range of furniture and scratching post for cats, you will find so many other models able to satisfy any demand or preference.