Furniture for cats complete with hammock and hanging toy


  • Furniture for cats
  • Structure in robust wood, FSC™ certified
  • Comfortable platform for relaxation with velvet cushion, also ideal for ambushes
  • Complete with hammock in soft velvet
  • Hanging plush ball for moments of amusement
  • Inferior floor opened on the sides, it allows your animal to watch the surrounding environment
  • Useful support feet

Undoubtedly original, the furniture for cats Yoko consists of a soft comfort area dominated by a superior structure, like a dome, which will let Kitty feel like the little king of the house! Designed to ensure your friend a dedicated place where resting or playing at the same time, Yoko presents a comfortable platform with velvet cushion in the inferior part, ideal for daily naps, and in the superior part a soft hammock, made of velvet. The hammock features a hanging little ball in plush for moments of relaxation that the cat will be able to grab and swing. Yoko allows your animal to supervise the surrounding environment and hold everything under control: the ground floor, in fact, opened on all sides, allows a complete vision of the surrounding environment.
Yoko is made of FSC™ certified wood, that is sourced from forests that are managed correctly and responsibly according to strict environmental, social and economic standards and other controlled sources. The base is provided with support feet as a guarantee of maximum stability.

In the range of scratching posts and furniture for cats by Ferplast, you will find so many different models able to satisfy any demand or preference.