Semi-choke dog collar in genuine leather


  • Semi-choke collar for dogs
  • Made of durable lanyard, genuine leather
  • Equipped with a stop ring to adjust it to the desired width
  • Available in different sizes and bright colours
  • Lanyard circumference measurement: 10 mm
  • Length: 35 to 50 cm
  • Combinable with other products in the range

The Vogue semi-choke collars for dogs, in genuine leather, are made with the care that has always characterized Ferplast products for animals, with the utmost attention to animal safety and comfort, guaranteed by the sturdiness of the materials used. Vogue dog collars perfectly fit your friend and, thanks to the locking ring, they are adjustable to the desired width, so as not to tighten too much on Buddy's neck. The models have a variable length from 35 to 50 cm while cord diameter is 10 mm for all models.

Alongside the semi-choke collars, the Vogue range also offers cord leashes, available in the same colours.