Canary and exotic bird bath


  • Bath for canaries and exotic birds
  • Transparent plastic with a protection against water splashes
  • Useful open side for easy entrance
  • Purchasable as accessory, it can be inserted easily in bird cages
  • It is not possible to choose a colour
  • The article will be shipped according to stock availability.

It can be purchased as an accessory: Trevi 4405 is a canary and exotic birds bath which allow your feathered friends to bathe their plumes in total quietness. Trevi bird bath has a large base with special rim to contain water and a useful bird perch. Moreover, it is equipped with a transparent cover and opening on one side, to avoid water from splashing out.

Available in several colours; the colour sent to you will depend on the items available in stock. It is not possible to choose a colour.