TANK 50 - 40 L


TANK 50 - 40 L

Glass tank for fishes or turtles. Suitable for open aquariums or aquaterrariums.


  • Glass fish tank
  • Designed for open aquarium, aquaterrarium or turtle tank set-ups
  • Maximum seal thanks to high modulus silicone
  • Tank 50: glass thickness 4 mm, aquarium volume 40 Litres, weight when full ≈50Kg
  • Overall dimensions Tank 50: 52 x 27 x h 30,5 cm
  • Also available in other sizes

Tank are glass fish tanks made with float glass and silicone which can guarantee watertight integrity. They are ideal for any type of set-ups, open aquariums or aquaterrariums: have fun decorating them according to your tastes and needs! Tanks are available in five different sizes from a minimum of 42 to a maximum of 110 cm in length: Tank 40, 4 mm thickness glass, 21 liter capacity, Tank 50, 4 mm thickness glass, 40 liter capacity, Tank 60, 5 mm thickness glass, 75 liter capacity, Tank 80, 8 mm thickness glass, 120 liter capacity. The larger Tank 110 model has a glass thickness of 8 mm and a capacity of approximately 230 liters, features special high-resistant stainless steel tie.