Cat flap with microchip for large cats and small dogs


  • Electronic swing door for large cats and small dogs
  • It makes it possible to control entry and exit of pets by recognising their microchip
  • Attention: the microchip is checked only at the entry, not at the exit
  • It can memorize up to 30 different 15-digit microchip codes (ISO11784)
  • It comes complete with a collar with an incorporated microchip in case your pet has not yet had a microchip implanted
  • Control panel for easy memorizing of the microchip
  • 4-way closing system: entry, exit, entry/exit, blocked door
  • Wind Stopper System: this avoids draughts
  • Door with anti-shock mechanism, allowing the flap to close without banging
  • Magnetic system to prevent oscillation of the flap
  • Universal installation
  • Also functions in the traditional manual way
  • Available in two colours: white and dark brown
  • Battery operated (batteries not included)
  • Easy to clean using a soft, dry cloth
  • Swing Microchip Large overall dimensions: 26,5 x 16,2 x 31,5 cm
  • Swing Microchip Large dimensions when open: 17 x 20 cm

Swing Microchip Large is an electronic cat flap for large cats and small dogs and it is reliable, easy to use and simple to programme. The cat flap has an innovative electronic system that only allows your pet to go through it, thus preventing undesired guests from entering. In fact, Swing Microchip Large has a special antenna that detects and decodes the microchip beneath the skin of your cat or dog, unblocking it and allowing it to open. If your pet does not have a microchip, you can use the collar included in the package, which is free of charge and has an incorporated microchip.

Swing Microchip Large can memorize up to 30 different 15-digit microchip codes (ISO11784) and comes complete with a Wind Stopper System for protection against draughts. The cat flap has a useful anti-shock mechanism that allows the flap to close without banging.

The special lock with a 4-way regulator allows you to decide whether or not to allow your pet to enter and exit freely, enter only, exit only, or you can block the flap completely. If you need to, you can also disable the system that recognises your pet and allow the flap to function in the traditional, manual way. Memorizing the microchip code is quick and simple: all you need to do is place your furry friend near the special button on the control panel.

Swing Microchip Large is made of strong plastic and can be installed in various structures and materials: wood, glass or masonry walls. Warning: for installation on glass doors, we recommend that you contact a glazier before doing so, because holes cannot be made on toughened safety glass or on double-glazing, unless the holes were already made during manufacture. For installation on metal doors, it is necessary to isolate the Swing cat flap with non-metallic material around its perimeter: this avoids any interference and ensures that the electronic mechanism will function correctly. Lastly, is not possible to trim the cat flap's tunnel because some very important components are contained inside it!

The product requires 4 1.5 V LR.14 batteries (not included) and has a useful indicator showing you when the batteries are running low. If the batteries are completely dead, don't worry, because the microchips are stored in the memory and, therefore, it is not necessary to repeat the registration operation.

Lastly, for what concerns maintenance of Swing Microchip, all you need to do is use a soft, dry cloth to periodically clean the plastic door and the infrared sensors located inside the tunnel, on the left and on the right of the tunnel itself.

Swing Microchip Large is available in various colours, to match various types of finishes and the decor in your home in the best possible way.