Cotton and eco-friendly fur bed for cats and dogs


  • Sofa for dogs and cats
  • In cotton fabric and soft and warm eco-friendly fur
  • Perfect for the coldest animals
  • Internal padding and raised edges for maximum comfort
  • Lowered side to facilitate the entry and exit of the animal
  • Completely machine washable at 30°
  • Available in different dimensions for animals of all sizes
  • The small models are recommended for cats
  • The dimensions useful for the animal are (Length, depth):
  • SWEETIE 45: 30 x 24 cm
  • SWEETIE 55: 40 x 33 cm
  • SWEETIE 70: 55 x 44 cm
  • SWEETIE 90: 68 x 55 cm

Sweetie is a welcoming and soft cushion for cats and dogs made of cotton fabric with a warm eco-friendly fur lining. Very comfortable, it will ensure quiet and relaxing naps for your beloved pet at any time of the day. The Sweetie bedding is perfect for the winter season thanks to the warm plush cushion but can be used at any time of the year for the coldest animals. The bed features a thick internal padding and a cozy shape with raised edges that support the pet's head and neck. The lowered front side allows the animal an easy entry and exit.
The range offers different models for animals of all sizes: the smaller ones, for example, are particularly suitable for cats.
Easy to maintain, all Sweetie cushions can be safely machine washed at 30°.