SUMET 73S WOOD Default Title Ferplast


SUMET 73S WOODRodent cage wooden stand: Cincillà Kd, Jenny, Mary, Scoiattoli Kd

Sku: 90039040

  • Stand for rodent cages: Cincillà Kd, Jenny, Mary, Scoiattoli Kd
  • Made of TREE FRIEND wood
  • Equipped with wheels
  • Supplied in a save-space packaging

Sumet 73S is a stand suitable for cages for chinchillas, rats, chipmunks and ferrets like Cincillà Kd, Jenny, Mary and Scoiattoli Kd. Made of sturdy wood, complete with useful wheels for moving, it is supplied in a save-space packaging.
All the Sumet stands in this range are made of TREE FRIEND wood from responsibly managed forests only.

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