STAR CUBE LED - 230 L Default Title Ferplast
STAR CUBE LED - 230 L  Ferplast
STAR CUBE LED - 230 L  Ferplast
STAR CUBE LED - 230 L  Ferplast
STAR CUBE LED - 230 L  Ferplast
STAR CUBE LED - 230 L  Ferplast
STAR CUBE LED - 230 L  Ferplast
STAR CUBE LED - 230 L  Ferplast


STAR CUBE LED - 230 LLarge glass aquarium with special aluminium alloy finishes. Complete with LED lamps, filter and heater.



  • Finishes in special aluminium alloy EN AW-6060, anodised 15 microns
  • Glass thickness 8 mm
  • High module silicone to guarantee maximum resistance
  • Perfect for marine settings
  • Two automatic pistons made of stainless steel
  • Lid hinged to the top frame
  • Rear aeration grids with adjustable opening
  • Removable side panels to add accessories
  • LED lighting system that ensures high colour yield and low power consumption
  • Complete with LED lamps with transformers, 7,5 W and 4,5 W
  • Assorted 4 LED lamps: 2 Led Bar 45 Toplife and 2 Led Bar 45 Freshlife for fresh water tanks
  • Tank with internal frame designed to fix internal filters
  • Special arrangement with one hole for connection kit
  • Complete with external filter and heater
  • Fully opening cover for cleaning
  • Front panel openable for daily maintenance operations

Star aquariums by Ferplast have an elegant and refined design, equipped with technical features specially studied to offer high performance. The model Star Cube, for example, thanks to its very compact sizes, can be positioned in very small places. The aquarium Star Cube has a glass tank of 8 mm thickness sealed with high module silicone. The original structure with profiles in special aluminium alloy EN AW-6060, 15 micron anodised, ensures high resistance and is also suitable for marine set-ups.

The aquarium Star Cube is supplied complete with heater and external filter Bluextreme 1100, perfect to ensure crystal-clear water. Suitable for fresh and marine water, Bluextreme is complete with filtering material, pump and accessories. The LED lighting system ensures excellent colour yield with bright colours, effectiveness, reliability and low power consumption, up to 50% less than a regular fluorescent bulb.
The aquarium Star Cube is supplied complete with 4 LED bars with transformators - 2 Led Bar 45 Freshlife 4,5 W and 2 Led Bar 45 Toplife 7,5 W. It is possible to choose the specific light combination for marine or fresh water set-ups.

All the fish glass aquariums belonging to the range Star are distinguished by great care in details and equipped with special side openings allowing the addition of accessories: by removing rear aeration grills or the side panels you could in fact pass the pipes to install an external filter, use the skimmer Bluskimmer or the automatic feeder for fish Chef Pro.
On the base, the tank has a hole, appropriately closed when not in use, which allows the external filter tubes to pass through. To connect it, simply buy the connection kit CONNECTION KIT separately.

Aquarium maintenance is easy thanks to the completely opening lid, hold up by special automatic stainless steel pistons; a useful front panel will allow you to feed fish with no effort.

At last, the Star Cube Stand is available as an accessory, with a sturdy wooden frame and wenghè finish, fitted with a push-pull system and adjustable feet.

Like all fish Star fish tanks, Star Cube as well is built in compliance with international standard EN60598-2-11, which is mandatory for purposes of the CE declaration for all aquariums placed on the market.