SCOIATTOLI KD Default Title Ferplast


SCOIATTOLI KDChipmunk cage with plastic columns



  • Sturdy wire net structure, plastic coated
  • Wire net protection on the base, to ensure an healthy and clean habitat
  • Removable base for easy cleaning
  • Accessories for chipmunks included
  • Save-space packaging
Alongside the traditional habitats, Ferplast also proposes specially created squirrel cages, to safely accommodate these special rodents in your home. Scoiattoli Kd is a specific habitat for squirrels with a sturdy structure, ensuring maximum strength and durability. It is sold complete with specific accessories, including steel food bowls, a drinking bottle and a metal wheel with which your cute rodent can play and exercise. On the bottom, a metal grid helps to keep the indoor environment clean, preventing your squirrel from coming into contact with dirt.

A metal stand with wheels, making it easier to move, is available as an optional.
It comes in a space-saving package, to minimize size and make transportation easier.