Quartz rings for fresh and marine water aquariums


  • Sintered quartz bio-rings for fresh and marine water aquariums
  • Macroporous structure
  • They promote the growth of beneficial bacteria by allowing the toxic ammonia present in the aquarium to be eliminated
  • Optimal substrate for all types of filters that have a compartment for biological media
  • Perfect in external filter compartments where the flow of water and oxygen allows the winning features of the product to really stand out
  • They do not release phosphates and heavy metals
  • They leave the pH of the aquarium unchanged
  • Pack of 450 g

Hydor Bio-Rings for freshwater and saltwater aquariums are created through the high-temperature sintering of inert quartz. Thanks to the macroporous structure, Hydor Bio-Rings is the perfect substrate for biological filters where the main goal of the hobbyist is the development and growth of bacteria colonies (aerobic and anaerobic) on the large surface area available (8.25 m2 per litre of Bio-Rings). Bio-Rings do not release phosphates, heavy metals, and does not change the pH of the aquarium.