External filter for aquariums with self-priming system. Complete with filter materials.


  • External filter with self-priming system for aquariums
  • Powerful and practical in use
  • Ensures effective filtration by bringing dirt out of the aquarium
  • Complete with filter materials: sponges, bio-rings and filter wool
  • Sponges for an effective mechanical filtering action, pure and crystalline water
  • Non-toxic synthetic fiber (polyester) filter wool with mechanical filtering action
  • Porous sintered quartz bio-rings for excellent biological filtering
  • No risk of flooding thanks to the the combined action of the closing clips and the special sealing gasket
  • Tank with non-scratch feet
  • Valve-taps that guarantee the perfect closing of the connection pipes and allow their release only in the closed position
  • Fully adjustable inclined fittings
  • It is possible to apply the Spray-bar to increase the oxygenation of the water (included in all models)
  • This product is intended for indoor use only in water with a temperature up 35° C (95° F)
  • Easy maintenance thanks to the simple detachment of the tubes and the practical carrying handle (models 20 and 30)

  • Also suitable for turtle tanks
  • Available in different models:
  • 10 of 9 W, maximum pump flow rate 580 l/h, maximum head 90 cm, recommended for aquariums from 80 to 150 litres
  • 20 of 21 W, maximum pump flow rate 1000 l/h, maximum head 150 cm, recommended for aquariums from 100 to 250 litres
  • 30 of 25 W, maximum pump flow 1320 l/h, maximum head 185 cm, recommended for aquariums from 200 to 450 litres

External filter with all the necessary features to guarantee perfect and efficient aquarium filtration. Easy to install thanks to the selfpriming system, guarantees a highly efficient filtration that takes dirt and debris out of the aquarium.