PA 6862 AGILITY CIRCLE Default Title Ferplast
PA 6862 AGILITY CIRCLE  Ferplast
PA 6862 AGILITY CIRCLE  Ferplast


PA 6862 AGILITY CIRCLEAccessory for Dog Agility. Circle.



  • Circle for Dog Agility
  • Supplied in a handy bag
  • Includes 2 plastic stakes, 2 tubolar tubes and clips
  • Can be fixed to the ground in a flash
Dog Agility: very important discipline for your dog's health and wellbeing! Ferplast proposes a complete range of accessories for your four-legged friend's training: this accessory, for example, is composed by 2 plastic stakes which can be easily fixed into the ground thanks to the suitable fastening systems in the final part, as well as 2 tubolar plastic tubes and suitable clips which once assembled compose a ring for exercise. All the accessories are contained inside a very useful package made of strong nylon you could always bring with you during your dog training or trips to the country.

Between the products for Dog Agility by Ferplast, we would like to remind that you can also find Agility Slaloom e Agility Jump: having a fit dog has never been so easy!