Toy PA 6390
Toy PA 6390
Toy PA 6390
Toy PA 6390


Toy PA 6390Food dispenser toy for dogs. Different sizes available.



  • A thermoplastic and nylon toy for dogs
  • Shaped like a bone, it dispenses dry food or other food while your pet plays with it
  • Handy container with holes through which the food comes out
  • Fun is guaranteed
  • Can also be used also with chewing rings
  • Available in various sizes
This is a dog toy with a pleasant surprise for your furry friend: in fact, it dispenses dry food to your dog and it can also be used with other types of food, like chewing rings that you can easily pile inside it. It is made of thermoplastic rubber and nylon and comes in various sizes, PA 6390 and PA 6392, with a typical bone shape, which all dogs prefer, complete with a handy container with holes for the food. Due to the use of top quality materials, this pastime toy is tough and also safe for your pet. Its appearance is also pleasant and was obtained thanks to the special colourful translucent effect.