GOODBITE NATURAL SALMON HELIXChewing toy for dogs. Salmon flavour.



  • Natural components based, non-toxic and biodegradable
  • Strenghten dog's teeth, is safe if ingested
  • Does not alter dog's diet
  • It works as an efficient stress-free instrument and promotes playtime
  • Has no expiry date
  • Salmon flavoured to be highly attractive
  • Two sizes with the shape of helix for all dogs:
  • S - 3 units of 16 g each
  • M - 2 units of 23 g each
Perfect for your four-legged friend's dental hygiene! The range GoodBite Natural by Ferplast proposes the new chewing toys for dogs Helix. Made from natural components, non-toxic and biodegradable, they do not alter your pet's diet. Useful as stress-free instruments, they promote playing helping to strenghten teeth and keeping them clean thanks to the mechanical chewing action. They are absolutely safe if ingested. Moreover, their special helix shape has been studied to promote dental hygiene.
The new chewing toys for dogs Goodbite Helix are available in two different sizes, small and medium, suitable both for puppies and adult dogs of all sizes: S package contains 3 units of 16 grams each and M package contains 2 units of 23 grams each. You will find six different tastes among which you could choose your dog's favourite one. Goodbite Natural Salmon Helix, for example, is salmon flavoured.