MAJESTYVelvet house for cats



  • Cat house
  • Made of refined velvet
  • Sturdy material, resistant to wear
  • Fully padded for maximum comfort
  • Comes with a practical double-face cushion inside
  • Lower front side for easier climbing in and out
  • Fully machine washable at 30° C
  • Available in various colours
  • Size (area available for your pet) (Length, depth):
  • MAJESTY 20: 32 x 29 cm
Majesty, warm and super comfortable, is an elegant velvet house conceived for cats, in particular those who are shier and more reserved than usual. Its round shape creates an intimate and detached environment that is perfect for napping! Your friend will feel protected and safe inside, napping away from prodding eyes, or keeping a watchful eye on his surroundings with discretion, keeping everything under control. Majesty comes with a double-faced cushion and a lower entrance bar to make it easier to climb in and out. Available in different elegant colours, it is machine washable at low temperatures (max 30° C).

Majesty belongs to Ferplast's Velvet collection, a complete range dedicated to your pet's resting time: beds, blankets and sofas made of high-quality material, without neglecting comfort and design, made of warm and soft velvet - all to pamper your furry friend!