LED bar for fresh water fish tanks


  • LED bar for illuminating aquariums
  • Ideal for freshwater aquariums
  • Transformer not included, can be bought separately
  • Faithful natural daylight reproduction thanks to a colour temperature of 6300K
  • Ensures an excellent chromatic rendering, enhancing the colours of the fish and plants
  • High energy savings of up to 50% compared to normal fluorescent lighting
  • Runs on safe low voltage (12 V)
  • Hermetically sealed IP67
  • Compatible with Capri and Dubai model LED aquariums
  • Includes two adapters with screws for placement on flat surfaces
  • Available in a variety of models, all with a diameter of 1.6 cm
  • Dimensions and strength:
  • LED Bar 45: length 47 cm, power 7.5 W
  • LED Bar 55: length 55 cm, power 8 W
  • LED Bar 70: length 71.5 cm, power 12 W
  • LED Bar 90: length 92.5 cm, power 15 W

The LED bars are perfect for freshwater aquariums and ensure optimum performance with low energy consumption, up to 50% less than traditional fluorescent lights. These lights are waterproof (IP67) and work at a low safety voltage (12 V). LED lighting offer optimum chromatic rendering and shows colours more brightly than traditional fluorescent lighting. Toplife LED lights with a colour temperature of 6300K TOPLIFE faithfully reproduces natural daylight conditions. The excellent chromatic rendering enhances the beauty of the colours of the fish and plants in your tank and lets you see them as they are in their natural habitat.

Preliminary warnings.
The LED bars do not come with the transformer they need to function, the Power Adapter, which must be bought separately. Use the LED bar only with its own specialised adapter.

LED Bars are compatible with Hydor Capri and Dubai aquariums models with LED illumination, and you can add them as accessories: this way you can decorate your fish tank as you wish and still save plenty of energy. LED Bar Toplife comes in a variety of lengths and strengths: LED Bar 45 with 7.5 W, LED Bar 55 with 8 W, LED Bar 70 with 12 W and LED Bar 90 with 15 W. You can even put two LED bars in the Capri model. Attach them using the provided adapters, they can even be attached to flat surfaces.

Here is a list of the LED bar type you’ll need to match the type of aquarium you have:
Capri 50 LED: LED Bar 45 Toplife or LED Bar 45 Freshlife, LED Bar 45 Sealife
Capri 60 LED: LED Bar 55 Toplife or LED Bar 55 Freshlife, LED Bar 55 Sealife
Capri 80 LED: LED Bar 70 Toplife, LED Bar 70 Freshlife and Led Bar 70 Sealife
Dubai 80 LED: LED Bar 70 Toplife, LED Bar 70 Freshlife and Led Bar 70 Sealife
Dubai 100 and 120 LED: LED Bar 90 Toplife, LED Bar 90 Freshlife and Led Bar 90 Sealife