HERCULES P CAMMIE XXL / Military Ferplast


HERCULES P CAMMIENylon technical harness. Quick fit system. Reflecting stripes. Available in different colors and sizes.



  • High-tech harness in super tough and scratch resistant materials
  • Ergonomic shape, distributing the pulling load in a balanced way over the dog's chest without affecting his neck
  • Soft inner padding for maximum comfort, reinforced where it comes into contact with your pet's stomach
  • Perfect fit, Quick Fit Technology with micro-regulation system in L, XL and XXL models
  • Comfortable handle, ensuring excellent control of your dog and a firm and safe grip
  • Folding handle that can be blocked by special press studs
  • High visibility and safety thanks to the reflective strips, ideal for walks in the evening or at night
  • Velcro inserts for attaching logos or emblems
  • Foldaway Velcro
  • Under buckle extra padding.
  • Metallic ring for attaching the lead or the magnetic hook Matic by Ferplast
  • Elastic loop for attaching useful accessories like a small torch
  • Ideal for professional use, e.g. rescue dogs
  • Available in different sizes
  • Trendy camouflage version

Hercules ergonomic harness is produced with high-resistant and anti-scratch materials, it is sturdy, practical and comfortable thanks to the soft padding in every part that comes into contact with your dog's body, especially the under-belly area. Here we present you the camouflage version of Hercules, which will renew your dog’s accessories with grit! All this without neglecting safety for your pet, in fact, Hercules presents reflecting stripes which assure great visibility even in conditions of poor lighting, so it will be the ideal accessory to take a walk in the evening or at night.

The practical padded handle assures a tight grip and a good control over the dog. In the larger models, the handle can be lowered and blocked by special press studs, thus adhering more closely to the harness and taking up less space. Thanks to the closing system with the Matic magnetic buckle, which has been exclusively patented by Ferplast, Hercules harness can be put on very quickly. The revolutionary Matic technology, which has already been integrated into others lead ranges by Ferplast, is now being applied to harnesses to make fastening/releasing easier and quicker. The Matic buckle is made of technical plastic which is resistant but light at the same time, and it is provided with two locking buttons which guarantee safety and reliability, preventing accidental releasing. This is possible because of an inner metallic clip which guarantees a sturdy product and a high resistance to traction.

Hercules Cammie is perfect to go walking in the mountain, trekking or jogging with your faithful friend.

An elastic loop on the side of the harness allows you to carry useful objects, like a torch for example.

Hercules harnesses have a perfect fit and easily adapt to the dog body; for larger dogs (L, XL and XXL sizes) Hercules presents a Quick Fit micro-regulation system with an elastic band that allows you to easily adjust the harness from the top. The special ergonomic design of Hercules is very comfortable because it equally distributes traction on the dog’s chest, without bothering him or affecting his neck.

Hercules harnesses, thanks to their super technical features, are ideal for working dogs, like rescue dogs, dogs that rescue in water, those involved in pet therapy and all the situations that require greater control of the dog.

Hercules are available in different sizes, so you can choose your model according to your needs and your dog’s size.

If you prefer Hercules in more traditional colors, you can find it also in black, blue or red.