GRO 5772 Premium
GRO 5772 Premium
GRO 5772 Premium
GRO 5772 Premium


GRO 5772 Premium

Trimmers for medium- and long-coated cats and dogs


  • Trimmers for cats and dogs
  • Ergonomic rubber-coated handle for maximum comfort
  • Durable materials ensure it is robust and long-lasting
  • Removes dead hair to facilitate subsequent brushing
  • Promotes new hair growth
  • Replaceable blade
  • Ideal for medium- and long-coated animals
  • Available in a range of models to choose from depending on the weight of your pet:
  • The GRO 5772 is for animals up to 8 kg.
  • The GRO 5774 is for animals from 8 to 20 kg.
  • The GRO 5776 is for animals from 20 kg.
These are the perfect trimmers to remove dead or excess hair from your pet's undercoat! Ideal for medium- and long-coated animals, the GRO 5772, GRO 5774 and GRO 5776 Premium will become precious tools for obtaining a shiny, healthy and well-cared-for coat. Practical and easy to use, they are all equipped with an innovative ergonomic handle covered with soft rubber that guarantees an excellent grip and maximum comfort in use. The trimmers act gently on your pet's skin, promoting the growth of new hair and preparing it for subsequent brushing, without damaging the healthy fur on the surface.
Like all products in Ferplast's Grooming Premium line, they are characterised by the use of high-quality materials that ensure durability and robustness.

Conveniently choose the specific shearing accessory for your pet from the offerings presented here: the small GRO 5772 model is ideal for cats and dogs up to 8 kg, the GRO 5774 model is perfect for taking care of animals from 8 to 20 kg, whilst the large GRO 5776 version will allow you to look after animals weighing more than 20 kg.
All trimmers feature a replacement blade that you can conveniently purchase separately and substitute in the event of wear or damage to the part.