GLAM Connectors
GLAM Connectors


GLAM ConnectorsConnectors for Glam cat and dog bowls



  • Kit of connectors for Glam cat and dog bowls
  • 2 connectors per package
  • Firmly connect bowls to create new combinations of sizes and colours
  • Made of plastic, easy to hook and unhook
  • One size fits all models: Glam Small, Medium, Large
Available in a 2-piece package, this kit of connectors makes it easy to join Glam cat and dog bowls. Create your favourite combination by choosing from among the several colours and sizes available. The connectors are made of plastic and are very easy to unhook, for routine cleaning and maintenance. These universal connectors are suitable for all Glam bowls, of any size.
They are available as spare parts for the bowls Glam Double and Glam Tris.