Disposable moistened cleansing glove for cats and dogs. Green Tea & Chamomile scented.


  • Disposable moistened cleansing glove for cats and dogs
  • A practical solution for the cleaning and hygiene of your pet
  • Green Tea and Chamomile scented
  • Soaked with non-foaming detergent
  • Does not require rinsing and do not change the pH
  • Equipped with an internal film to keep your hand dry when using
  • Rub the fur vigorously in all directions
  • Also suitable for domestic animals of large size
  • A regular use keeps the coat clean, perfumed and protected, and brightness
  • Note: do not use on sores and wounds, use only on animals
  • Glove dimensions: 23 x 16,5 cm
  • The package contains one piece

With the delicate scent of green tea and chamomile tea, Genico Fresh Glove is a moistened and disposable glove ideal for cleaning cats' and dogs' coat. Thanks to the thick fabric and the large amount of detergent it is soaked with, allows a good cleaning, even in medium/large sized and long hair pets.
Delicate on your friend's skin, suitable also for puppies, is soaked in gentle non-foaming formula and does not require rinsing. If used regularly, thanks to its softening and moisturizing properties, the glove keeps
clean, fragrant and protect the hair of your pets, giving it brightness without changing the pH.
Genico Fresh Glove is available in one single size in one piece package, very practical, can be carried always with you. Ideal when you are traveling with your pet, for example, when you need to refresh your friend's coat quickly or quickly clean your animal before getting into your car, giving them a pleasant fragrance.
The glove is equipped with an internal film which keeps your hand dry and clean when using.
How to use it: pull out the glove, insert your hand and rub the fur vigorously in all directions
Warning: Use only on animals. Do not use on mucous tissue, sores and wounds. Keep out of children’s reach.