Ergonomic harness for dogs, padded and reflective. Six fixing points.


  • Ergonomic harness for dogs
  • Equipped with six adjustable fixing points
  • Also suitable as anti-panic or escape-proof harness for dogs
  • In resistant and robust material
  • Suitable for whippets
  • Patented micro-regulation system
  • It guarantees a perfect fit, adaptable to any type of body
  • Distributes traction across the dog's chest without affecting the neck
  • Comfortable, thanks to the soft internal padding
  • Practical handle on the back, allows effective control of your dog, useful for overcoming obstacles
  • Reflective stripes for greater visibility in the dark

  • Available in different colours and sizes
  • Extra Small model: suitable for small dogs
  • Small model: suitable for medium-small sized dogs
  • Medium model: for medium-large sized dogs
  • Large model: for large breed dogs
  • Extra Large model: for very large dogs

Thanks to the innovative ergonomic shape, the Ergotrekking dog harness ensures perfect fitting and evenly distributes the pulling force onto the animal's body without affecting the neck. Made of resistant material, it is equipped with soft internal padding to offer maximum comfort and not create discomfort.
Featuring 6 adjustable fixing points, it guarantees maximum safety and effectiveness, also ideal as an anti-panic escape-proof harness. The harness is designed for dogs that struggle and tend to slip off the harness and run away. The dog will remain safe by your side, it will be easier to keep them under control in situations that could cause anxiety and stress, such as when meeting other dogs.

The dog harness features a patented micro-regulating system that allows for easy adaptability to your pet's size. Easy to put on, it is also ideal for whippet dogs.
Ergotrekking is also fantastic for trekking and hiking in the company of your four-legged friend. The practical handle on the back allows you to effectively control the animal, it is convenient to help them overcom particularly difficult obstacles. Finally, the useful reflective edges make the harness visible to motorists at night and in the twilight.

The adjustable harnesses Ergotrekking are available in different sizes and colours, ideal for animals of all sizes.
For small dogs, we recommend the Extra Small model, for medium-small sized dogs the Small model is indicated, for medium-large dogs the Medium model, for large dogs the Large model, for very large dogs, finally the model Extra Large.