ERGOFLEX PFlexible harness with micro-regulating system



  • Made of flexible material, non-toxic and hypo-allergenic: Techno-rubber
  • Low and high temperature resistant, anti-UV and waterproof
  • Easy to adjust thanks to the micro-regulating system
  • Correctly distributes your dog's pulling force, thus avoiding damage to his neck
  • Perfectly adjustable to your dog's size
  • Available in four sizes and five colours

Here is Ergoflex, the dog harness made of robust and flexible material, Techno-rubber, which thanks to its ergonomic shape evenly distributes your dog's pulling force on his chest, without affecting his neck, it is not bothersome. It has a quick release opening and closing system with micro-regulation which perfectly fits all dogs. The particular material it is made of make it particularly comfortable. Besides, it is non-toxic and hypo-allergenic, anti-UV, resistant to low and high temperature, waterproof and washable.

Finding the suitable size for your friend is easy: it is enough to measure the circumference of girth (measurement B) and neck (measurement A). Based on the minimum and maximum measurements taken, you can be sure to purchase the product that is right for you.
You could choose the perfect model for your dog among four sizes. And as concerns colours, which one do you prefer? White, black, green, purple or dove grey?