ERGOFLEX C C22/42 / White Ferplast
ERGOFLEX C  Ferplast


ERGOFLEX CFlexible collar with micro-regulating system. Different sizes and colours.



  • Patented micro-regulation system ensuring perfect regulation
  • Innovative hypo-allergenic flexible material: Techno-rubber
  • Washable, anti-UV, waterproof
  • Resist to low and high temperature
  • Perfectly adapt to your dog's neck
  • Reliable and safe closing system
  • Different sizes and fashionable colours

Absolutely innovative, sturdy and flexible, easy to wear thanks to the micro-regulating system: here are the dog collars of the Ergoflex range! They have a particular tape made from flexible material, Techno-rubber, proposed in nice fashionable colours. Besides, they are hygienic, non-toxic and hypo-allergenic. They can be washed with no problems, they are low and high temperature resistant, anti-UV. At last, they are waterproof and therefore perfect for walking your dog even when it rains since they do not get soaked.

Ergoflex collars ensure maximum comfort and practicality of use: they perfectly wear your dog thanks to their special micro-regulating system which allows to adapt them to your pet's neck circumference. The range proposes 6 different dimensions ideal for dogs of all sizes.

We would like to remind that all the collars can be matched to the leads and harnesses of the same range: match them as you prefer to change look every day and be always fashionable! The collars Ergoflex are also available in the more traditional version with holes and an elegant metal buckle. Like the dog collars, the other products of the same range distinguish for the same flexibility. Leads allow a safe and comfortable grip while harnesses distribute the dog's pulling force onto his chest without affecting his neck, thus avoiding straining your hands.