Belt with pocket bag and elastic lead with double magnetic hook


  • Composed of 3 pieces: belt, pocket bag and elastic leash for dogs
  • Nylon lead adjustable in length, elastic fibre adsorber to control pulls
  • Lead with innovative automatic hook with magnetic mechanism
  • Leash adjustable from minimum 80 to maximum of 120 cm
  • Double hook in sturdy techno-plastic, in Large size
  • Padded belt, adjustable and with reflective stripes
  • Adjustable belt from minimum 75 to maximum 125 cm
  • Pocket bag for carrying useful objects
  • Suited to dogs weighing maximum 50 kg
  • Perfect for hiking, jogging or simple walks

Here is an excellent product which will give you the possibility to spend spare time with your dog! If you love trekking in the mountains, walking on the seashore or simply going out with your dog to go to the park, Ergocomfort FreeTime is the right product for you! It allows you to do your favourite sport with no obstructions, in total freedom and safety.

This nylon lead for dogs is complete with adjustable reflecting belt which allows you to walk in peace even during the evening hours. The padded belt is adjustable (from a minimum of 75 to a maximum of 125 cm in waistline) very comfortable once worn while the included pocket bag could contain small useful objects or simply your home's keys, your wallet or your mobile phone. Ergocomfort FreeTime has a nylon lead adjustable from a minimum of 80 to a maximum of 120 cm length; it has a elastic fibre shock absorber to control traction and your four-legged friend's pull when walking.
Also, this version is equipped with a leash with a double automatic hook, very practical and reliable. Exclusive creation by Ferplast, the Matic hook combines maximum safety and ease of use, speeding up the attachment and release to the collar/harness through a magnetic mechanism. Made of special techno-plastic, light and sturdy at the same time, the hook is equipped with steel pins that ensure a perfect seal to the traction of the dog. Safe, it has a double-button opening system that prevents accidental release.

Using the hook is very simple and practical. Here's how it works: first of all, open it by pressing on the two buttons at the same time, then approach the ring of your dog's collar/harness in order to activate the hook's automatic fastening mechanism. To unhook it from the collar or harness, simply press the two buttons again. Just think how handy this is in various situations: for example, even if you are holding your shopping bags with one hand or speaking on your mobile phone, you can fasten or unfasten the lead to the collar or harness with the other hand, with one simple, rapid movement.
Ergocomfort Freetime comes complete with a lead with a Large double hook, suitable for medium and large-sized dogs and can withstand a pulling force of up to 180 kg. The product is suitable for dogs up to 50 kg in weight.