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DUO FEEDSteel bowls with bowl-holder. Different sizes available.



  • Hygiene and cleanness thanks to the plastic bowl-holder
  • Perfect to provide your dog with food and water
  • Complete with stainless steel bowls Orion
  • Base with anti-slip small stoppers
  • Three different sizes available
  • Removable bowls for easy cleaning

Duo Feed is a dual-purpose double feeding bowl and is the ideal accessory for providing your dog with food and water simultaneously, hygienically and safely. Duo Feed consists of stainless steel feeding bowls and a plastic bowl-holder. The holder has a contoured grip and non-slip stoppers.
Duo Feed is easy to clean and maintain, as it is easy to extract the bowls from the base, allowing normal cleaning. In addition, Duo Feed has a special rim, shaped to prevent food or water from falling out of the bowl.

Duo Feed comes complete with stainless steel Orion bowls and is available in three sizes. Choose the one that best suits your needs: Duo Feed 01, Duo Feed 03, also suitable for cats, and Duo Feed 05 (capacity 1, 1.7 e 3,6 litres), complete respectively with two bowls Orion KC 52, Orion KC 54 and Orion KC 56.