DUAL MATIC G G15/120 / Brown Ferplast
DUAL MATIC G  Ferplast
DUAL MATIC G  Ferplast
DUAL MATIC G  Ferplast
DUAL MATIC G  Ferplast
DUAL MATIC G G20/120 / Blue Ferplast
DUAL MATIC G G20/120 / Brown Ferplast


DUAL MATIC GDog lead with magnetic hook. Various colours and sizes.



  • Nylon dog leads
  • Innovative automatic clasp with magnetic device, hooks to the collar or harness
  • Practical handle for efficient control and secure grip
  • High quality, durable materials that last in the long term, double inner ribbon
  • Available in a variety of sizes, 2 colours
  • Length: 120 cm
  • Lead thickness: 15, 20 or 25 mm
  • Hardy medium or large techno-plastic hook:
  • Dual Matic G15/120 with a medium hook for dogs weighing up to 30 kg,
  • Dual Matic G20/120 and G25/120 with a large hook for dogs weighing up to 60 kg
Dual Matic is a very sturdy double-thick nylon dog lead that comes equipped with an innovative automatic hook, an exclusive Ferplast creation. The hook combines maximum security and is easy to use, the unique magnetic device making hooking and unhooking your dog to its collar or harness much faster. The hook is made of a special techno-plastic material that is both light and resistant, equipped with steel pins that ensure perfect control over the dog’s pull. Safe, it comes with a double button opening system to make sure it opens only when you want it to.

Dual Matic dog leads are comfortable in the hand and provide a firm, safe grip. They are all 120 cm long and come in 2 colours and 3 sizes, the difference being the diameter of the lead: 15, 20 or 25 mm.

Choose the lead that best suits your dog! Dual Matic G15/120 leads have a medium hook that is ideal for small to medium dogs of up to 30 kg and provides traction resistance of up to 120 kg. Dual Matic G20/120 and G25/120 leads, on the other hand, have a large hook suited to medium to large dogs of up to 60 kg, with a traction resistance factor of up to 180 kg.

The hook is very easy to use: open it by pushing on both buttons at the same time, then hook it onto the dog’s collar or harness to activate the automatic closure device. To release the dog, press the two buttons again and it opens. Just think of how handy this is: even if you have your shopping or mobile device in one hand, the other hand can easily hook or unhook the lead from the dog’s collar or harness in just one swift move.