DOGVILLA Insulation panels
DOGVILLA Insulation panels
DOGVILLA Insulation panels
DOGVILLA Insulation panels


DOGVILLA Insulation panels

Insulation panels kit for Dogvilla kennels


  • Complete Kit of six PVC insulation panels
  • Also includes one fixed side wall to replace the opening side of the kennel (model 50 excluded)
  • Panels applicable in the internal part of the walls
  • Easy installation
  • They retain heat inside, preventing cold from entering in winter
  • In summer, they shelter from the heat and sun irradiation
  • Available in different sizes suitable for each of the Dogvilla models

Sold separately, this is a complete kit of insulation panels for Dogvilla dog kennels. The package includes six PVC insulation panels which are easy to fix to the inner walls and to the kennel roof. Very useful, both in winter to keep the warmth inside, and in summer, to protect from solar radiation, they can be applied as needed: when the climate is warmer it is advisable to use only two panels, necessary to protect the roof more from sun irradiation, while in the cold period we suggest to isolate all the surfaces, also replacing the opening side wall of the kennel with the fixed panel included in the kit (except model 50). To fit all Dogvilla models, Dogvilla Insulation Panels are available in different sizes. Thanks to this accessory, your dog's house will become even more comfortable, effectively protecting them from bad weather and adverse temperatures.