Dog safety belt


  • Attention: use only with a dog harness
  • It has to be locked to the belt buckles on the back seat of the car
  • Adjustable and suitable to small and medium-sized dogs (maximum 30 kg of weight)
Get ready for a nice drive! It is simple thanks to Dog Safety Belt - the nylon safety belt for small and medium sized dogs, particularly for animals weighing less than 30 kg. It is easy to attach to the belt buckles on the back seat of the car and is very useful for anyone who doesn't have a separator panel and wants to take their pet with them in the car. The Dog Safety Belt is undoubtedly very practical, because you can also leave it attached to the belt buckle, even when you are not using it, and just use it every time you need to.

We recommend that you only use the Dog Safety Belt with a dog harness. Remember that, for your safety and that of your dog, the way in which you position your pet in the car must not, in any way, represent an impediment to driving.