DOG GATE Default Title Ferplast
DOG GATE  Ferplast
DOG GATE  Ferplast
DOG GATE  Ferplast
DOG GATE  Ferplast
DOG GATE  Ferplast


DOG GATEDog gate



  • Gate for dogs, made of varnished iron and plastic
  • Suitable for puppies
  • Useful to delimit some ares in your home
  • 2 way opening system
  • Equipped with safety closings
  • Extension can be purchased separately
This sturdy dog door is ideal to delimit some areas in your home thus avoiding your faithful friend can entry. It has solid bars distanced of 5 cm and a practical opening system on both sides. The suitable safety closing system it is equipped with makes it particularly reliable. Minimum length 70 cm, maximum length 80 cm. Easy assembly, no tools are needed. The product is intended for indoor use in the home. The item is not suitable for children.

Available as accessory, you could then find the suitable extension of 13 cm. which will allow you to perfectly adapt the pet gate according to your home spaces and rooms. The dog door Dog Gate allows up to 4 extensions to be applicated, for a total length of 122 cm.