DAYTONA GUMMY MATIC GADog training lead complete with automatic magnetic hook. Lead made of nylon and rubber. Various colours.



  • Lead with an adjustable for dog training
  • Innovative automatic hook with a magnetic mechanism, can be fastened/unfastened to your dog's collar or harness
  • A robust lead made of nylon and rubber that can withstand your pet's pulling actions
  • A comfortable grip with soft padding
  • Adjustable length to a maximum of 200 cm
  • Lead width: 20 mm
  • Hook made of robust engineered plastic, Large size:
  • Daytona Gummy Matic GA20/200 with hook for dogs weighing a maximum of 60 kg
  • Available in various colours
Daytona Gummy Matic GA is an ideal dog training lead: thanks to the ring system, it can, in fact, easily be extended and shortened based on your needs. The lead has a special automatic hook, which is safe and practical to use, so that you can rapid fasten and unfasten it to your dog's collar/harness through its magnetic mechanism. Our company invented this innovative hook: it is light and robust at the same time, made of special engineered plastic, ensuring a perfect hold against your dog's pulling, thanks also to the steel pins. It also has a double push-button opening system to avoid it accidentally becoming unfastened.

The hook is very practical and easy to use! In order to open it, press the two buttons at the same time, then approach the ring on your dog's collar or harness in order to activate the hook's automatic fastening mechanism. To unhook it from the collar/harness, press the two buttons again. Imagine how useful this is in every situation: if you are busy speaking on your mobile phone, for example, or if you are holding your shopping bags in one hand, you can fasten or unfasten the lead to or from your dog's collar or harness with one simple, rapid movement.

Daytona Gummy Matic GA comes complete with a Large hook, ideal for medium and large-sized dogs weighing up to a maximum of 60 kg and can withstand a pulling action of up to 180 kg. The lead is available in one size with a lead width of 20 mm and a length that can be adjusted to a maximum of 200 cm.
Robust and durable, this strong lead is made of nylon and rubber and it can guarantee good traction and withstand your dog's pulling and jerking movements. In addition, the padded grip was specially designed to make the grip stable and comfortable.

Lastly, remember that the Daytona Gummy Matic range also includes traditional leads, which also come complete with an automatic hook.