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CRICETI 9 SPACECute hamster cage with stickers included. Setting: space.

Sku: 57009060

  • Small hamster cage
  • Original setting with a space theme
  • The use of vibrant, cheerful colours will stimulate your children's interest
  • Designed for children, to teach them how to take care of animals while letting them play and have fun
  • Base can be personalized with colourful stickers, included in the package
  • Varnished wire mesh and plastic base
  • Small entrance door equipped with a safety catch
  • Mesh and base can be separated easily to clean inside the cage
  • Accessories included: 1 feeder, 1 water bottle, 1 small house-spaceship and 1 wheel, 1 decoration shaped like an antenna
With Criceti 9 Space habitat for rodents, you can teach your children how to take care of animals while letting them play at the same time, thanks to the fun setting with a space theme: get ready to go on a journey of imagination! Inside the package, you will find a small hamster house shaped like a space shuttle, antennas and colourful stickers - planets, space shuttles, asteroids and funny aliens - that can be used to decorate the base. Completing the habitat, there are the accessories that all rodents need: a plastic food bowl and a wheel, essential for allowing your pet to exercise and keep fit.
Lastly, the water bottle can be easily attached to the wire mesh of the cage from the outside: ideal for providing your little rodent with water at all times.

This hamster cage is made of solid, varnished wire mesh. On the top of the cage, there is a little door, which can be opened and is useful for normal cleaning operations, and it is equipped with a safety clasp to stop your pet from accidentally getting out.
For in-depth cleaning, just release the clips on the sides to easily separate the base from the top.

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