CAT POINTERCat toy with luminous Led ray



  • Led toy for cats
  • Emits a nice luminous ray
  • Belongs to the Clever & Happy cat toys range
  • Equipped with practical metallic ring for fixing
  • Battery working
  • Batteries are included
This cat toy with Led ray, Cat Pointer, emits a nice flash of light which will make your feline friend amuse himself so much thus preventing boredom! It belongs in fact to the Clever & Happy products range, all designed to stimulate his curiosity, assuring a good physical and mental exercise that will keep him in good health.
The Led toy Cat Pointer is really practical: thanks to the suitable metal ring, can be carried always with you in many different occasions.
Way of use: remove the light button protection, press the button to switch on the LED. The best visibility is at 0,5 to 2 meters. Reposition the button protection after use. When the Led light is faible, it is necessary to substitute the batteries. Batteries included: 3 batteries LR927.