CASITA 120HLarge cage for rabbits and guinea pigs with opening roof and accessories included



  • Cage for rabbits and guinea pigs
  • Comfortable, offers wide living space
  • Thermoplastic resin base, easy to clean
  • Metal mesh treated with special anti-corrosion varnish
  • Rounded roof completely liftable to access the interior
  • Upper plastic frame with safety locking hooks
  • Front net with sliding door
  • Bottom separable from the net by unhooking the side fixing clips
  • Accessories included: 1 drinking bottle, 1 hay feeder, 1 bowl and 1 house for resting
  • Recommended optional accessory: Stand 120, the metal trolley provided with wheels on which to put the cage

The cages for rabbits and guinea pigs from the Casita range are comfortable and spacious, they distinguish because of the height of their wire mesh structure, which is greater than traditional habitats. They are available in different models to satisfy all space needs. The version Casita 120H is really wide, equipped with necessary accessories like feeder, bowl and little house with a stepped wall. Thanks to the vertical structure, the habitat optimises space and offers great living space to your furry friend.

The cage Casita 120H features a varnished wire mesh structure with a large thermoplastic resin base. It's equipped with a rounded roof that can be opened, lockable thanks to useful closing hooks, and divided into two sections, for practical reasons. On the front side, Casita 120H presents a sliding door, easy to open allowing your little pet out of the cage every so often, to wander freely around the house.
Casita 120H is easy to maintain: thanks to the opening roof, you can reach all the parts that need more thorough cleaning. Also, it is possibile to separate completely the bottom from the mesh by simply unhooking the fixing clips on the sides.
Thanks to the Save Space system, finally, the cage can be completely disassembled into the various parts, reducing space and transport volumes.
Available as an optional accessoory, we recommend combining the special metal trolley Stand 120 with wheels.