CAPRI 80 LED - 100 L Default Title Ferplast
CAPRI 80 LED - 100 L  Ferplast
CAPRI 80 LED - 100 L  Ferplast
CAPRI 80 LED - 100 L  Ferplast
CAPRI 80 LED - 100 L  Ferplast
CAPRI 80 LED - 100 L  Ferplast
CAPRI 80 LED - 100 L  Ferplast
CAPRI 80 LED - 100 L  Ferplast
CAPRI 80 LED - 100 L  Ferplast
CAPRI 80 LED - 100 L  Ferplast


CAPRI 80 LED - 100 LGlass aquarium with LED lamp, internal filter and heater. 2 colours.

Sku: 65018117

  • A glass aquarium for freshwater or saltwater
  • Ideal for beginners because it is safe and simple to handle
  • Clean, linear design
  • Thickness of the glass: 6 mm
  • Capacity of the tank: approximately 100 L
  • Weight when full: approximately 120 kg
  • Height with stand: 119.5 cm
  • Watertight lid that is not hinged to the tank but is water-resistant
  • LED lighting system that ensures high colour rendering and is energy-saving
  • Complete with a 12 W LED bar with a transformer
  • Possibility to use up to two LED bars, optional
  • Advanced internal Bluwave 03 filter system
  • Filter complete with a Blupower 500 (l/h) pump, filtering material and Bluclima 100 (W) heater
  • Special snap-off plugs allowing external accessories to be attached
  • Available in two colours: black and white
  • Recommended optional: matching Stand 80
  • It is also possible to use the Freshlife LED Bar 70 model of LED lamp

You will be astonished by how easy it is to handle the Capri 80 LED aquarium and also by and the performance of its LED lighting system: energy saving, excellent colour rendering with bright colours, efficiency and reliability! LED bulbs consume 50% less power than fluorescent bulbs and provide up to 30,000 hours of light! The timer for the lights also makes it easy to adjust the duration of the lighting according to your needs and to the kind of set-up you have chosen. It can also be used manually, as a simple switch.

Ideal for freshwater and saltwater set-ups, the Capri 80 LED model was created in compliance with international standard EN60598-2-11, mandatory for purposes of the CE declaration for all aquariums placed on the market.

The solid tank has a 100-litre capacity and 6 mm thick glass, as well as a watertight lid tested to withstand damp and splashes of water. The wide door at the front can be opened providing easy access for maintenance operations.

The Capri 80 aquarium comes complete with a 12 W LED bar with a transformer. However, it is possible to use up to two LED bars: in particular, we suggest the Freshlife LED Bar 70 lamp, which can be purchased separately for this model, as an optional.
The Bluwave 03 Power internal filter, which is powerful and efficient, ensures pure, crystal clear water: this is an advanced integrated three-stage filter system (mechanical, biological and adsorbent) able to ensure pure, crystal clear water. The filter comes complete with filtering material, a pump and a heater and is equipped with removable compartments for easy cleaning.

Capri 80 Led is set up so that accessories can be added: a useful door on the lid makes it possible to use an automatic Chef Pro fish feeder, while special snap-off plugs allow the passage of delivery and suction tubes and an external filter.
A perfect match for the aquarium is Stand 80, which was created to support the weight of the tank and enhance the purity of its forms.

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