BLUCOMPACT 2 Default Title Ferplast
BLUCOMPACT 2  Ferplast
BLUCOMPACT 2  Ferplast
BLUCOMPACT 2  Ferplast
BLUCOMPACT 2  Ferplast


BLUCOMPACT 2Biological internal filter for fresh and saltwater aquariums



  • Ideal for aquariums of maximum 75 litres
  • Efficient water filtration and great flexibility of use
  • Fully submersible
  • Low power consumption
  • Adjustable flow
  • Can be fitted horizontally with a low water level
  • Oxygenation kit included
  • Easy maintenance since completely openable to extract the sponge
  • Spare parts: mechanical sponges
Blucompact 02, easy for use and maintenance, is a silent and powerful internal filter which guarantees excellent performance and integrated biological filtration, ideal for fresh and saltwater aquariums of maximum capacity 75 litres. This accessory is fully submersible and can be fitted horizontally for use with low water levels.
In order to grant crystal-clear water, the internal filter for aquariums Blucompact 02 is equipped with mechanical cartridges (sponges for fresh and marine water are also available as spare parts) while integrated biological filtration is ensured thanks to high porosity ceramic rings. A multi-direction water diffuser with adjustable flow and oxygenation kit are also included.
As for cleaning, the filter easily opens: you can take the filtering cartridge out from the inside without removing the pump from the tank.