BAITA 40 Default Title Ferplast
BAITA 40  Ferplast
BAITA 40  Ferplast
BAITA 40  Ferplast
BAITA 40  Ferplast
BAITA 40  Ferplast
BAITA 40  Ferplast
BAITA 40  Ferplast
BAITA 40  Ferplast
BAITA 40  Ferplast


BAITA 40Small kennel for small dogs and rabbits, made of FSC™ certified wood



  • Outdoor kennel for small dogs
  • Also suitable for rabbits
  • Made of FSC™ certified Nordic pine wood, coming from sustainable forests managed and other controlled sources
  • Wood, treated with special paint to ensure durability and resistance
  • Use of non-toxic, odourless and water-based paints to respect your pet's health
  • Plastic feet for greater isolation from the ground
  • Safety locking door
  • Sliding roof for easy cleaning
  • Vent system ventilation grid at the back, to avoid the formation of damp
  • Compact structure with a square base
  • The internal dimensions are (L= length, W= width/depth, H= maximum internal height).
  • BAITA 40: L 33 x W 36.5 x H 32 cm
  • Door Dimensions: 19 x 26 cm

Pretty and compact, Baita 40 is a little house suitable for small dogs but it can also accommodate cute little bunnies in your garden. It is made of FSC™ certified Nordic pine wood, that is sourced from forests that are managed correctly and responsibly according to strict environmental, social and economic standards and other controlled sources. It is ideal for outdoors: in fact, the wood is treated using a special coating process that guarantees durability and resistance to any weather conditions, as well as excellent comfort in any season. The non-toxic, environmentally-friendly, anti-mould sealer paint is resistant to UV-rays and is water-repellent. The paint is applied using flow-coating technology.
The Baita 40 kennel has plastic feet, so that it is well-isolated from the ground, and it has a sliding roof that is easy to open and close to make maintenance operations easy. The entrance door has a stepped structure that also acts as a handy access ladder. It has a locking system with a special safety lock. Lastly, the Vent System ventilation system ensures excellent internal ventilation and prevents the formation of damp, thus ensuring a dry environment for your dear four-legged friend.