ARCLIGHT 15W T8 Ferplast
ARCLIGHT  Ferplast
ARCLIGHT  Ferplast
ARCLIGHT 39W T5 Ferplast


ARCLIGHTAquarium overtank lamp with supporting brackets



  • Adjustable to tanks of all sizes
  • Ideal for glass aquariums
  • Fixing on glass of maximum 15 mm thickness
  • Polycarbonate brackets included
  • Supporting brackets adjustable in length
  • Watertight IP67
  • Reflecting band and lamps included
  • Different powers available
Ferplast has designed for the open aquariums like Cayman Open a lighting system with included neon lamps of different powers in order to satisfy at best different needs also adapting to the aquarium setting up you have chosen. The overtank aquarium lamp Arclight is available in different powers in T5 or T8 versions. It also includes two transparent polycarbonate brackets which guarantee perfect support and an excellent seal to glass of any thickness (max 15 mm). Support brackets are adjustable in length from 0 to 15 cm.
Arclight is guaranteed water tight IP67 and equipped with reflecting band, lamp holder and fluorescent lamps.

Maintenance: in order to maintain an optimum light spectrum, we suggest to replace the lamps at least once a year.