ARCACat and dog soft carrier



  • Carrier for small-sized dogs, also suitable for cats
  • Made of sturdy nylon
  • Pet safety lead and cushion included
  • Strong and adjustable shoulder strap
  • Top made of nylon net for proper ventilation
  • Side round holes
  • Top cover which can be covered again to give your friend the maximum privacy
  • Maximum capacity: 8 Kg
Arca is a soft dog carrier made of strong nylon, equipped with very useful holes to ensure proper ventilation inside. This fabric carrier for dogs can be opened in a flash thanks to the practical zip fasteners. Ideal to be positioned on your car seat thanks to the seat belts it is equipped with, it is suitable when carrying your pet for a vet examination or for a trip in the countryside. This soft nylon carrier is sufficiently large to welcome cats or small dogs.
The top has a cover you could close to give your animal the maximum quietness, especially during short trips when your dog or your cat need to sleep for a while.
Arca is also equipped with a useful adjustable shoulder strap; when needed, the strap can be removed.
Proposed in one single blue colour with black details, borders and seams.