AGILA COLOURS 3 3 / Black Ferplast


AGILA COLOURS 3Ergonomic nylon chest harness for dogs with elastic cord closure. Various colours.

Sku: 75180332

  • Ergonomic chest harness for dogs
  • Comfortable and resistant
  • Double nylon straps
  • Easy to wear, thanks to the closure system with elastic cord
  • Perfect wearability adaptable to all body shapes thanks to the joints between the harness parts, patented by Ferplast
  • Available in various colours

The Agila Colours harness for dogs is cheerful and colourful, super comfortable thanks to its ergonomic shape, designed to distribute traction all over the dog's chest without putting any strain on the neck. With its soft inner padding, it doesn't create any discomfort to the dog. Made of sturdy nylon, it resists to the dog's continuous strains. Easy to put on, it adapts to all body types thanks to the joint between the harness parts, patented by Ferplast, and to its ergonomic shape. The smaller sizes presented here also come with a new closing system with elastic cord that is practical and easy to use.
Available in different colours that differ according to minimum/maximum neck circumference and girth of your pet..