AGILA 1-3Ergonomic chest harness for dogs with elastic cord closure. Various colours and sizes.



  • Ergonomic chest harness for dogs
  • Comfortable and resistant
  • Easy to wear, thanks to the closure system with elastic cord
  • Perfect wearability adaptable to all body shapes thanks to the joints between the harness parts, patented by Ferplast
  • With reflective edges so it's visible in the dark
  • Hand-washable with water and neutral soap
  • Available in different sizes and colours

Agila is the new line of harnesses for dogs featuring great wearability and maximum comfort. Agila harnesses are easy to put on and adapt perfectly to every body type, thanks to their micro regulation system and the special joint between harness parts, an exclusive Ferplast patent. Easy to adjust, the small sizes (from 1 to 2) come with a system with elastic cord that is handy and easy to use. All models are made with top-quality, long-lasting materials, and are available in many types and colours.

They also come with a useful reflective edge to ensure great visibility even while walking your dog when it's dark outside.
Agila harnesses are available in many models which differ according to minimum/maximum neck circumference and girth of your pet and of the maximum tolerated weight of the dog. Agila 1, maximum 5 kg, Agila 2, maximum, 6 kg, Agila 3, maximum 7 kg, Agila 4, maximum 8 kg, Agila 5, maximum 10 kg, Agila 6, maximum 15 kg, Agila 7, maximum 22 kg, Agila8, maximum 30 kg, and Agila 9, maximum 35 kg.

Easy to maintain, all harnesses are washable with water and neutral soap.