DIVA BLACK Default Title Ferplast



Canary and small exotic bird cage


  • Ideal for canaries, exotic and other small birds
  • Complete with ring on the top to hang it up
  • Rounded base with two removable trays
  • Accessories included
  • Optional: plastic stand F 60 or metal stand F 54
Diva is a medium-sized round cage for canaries, exotic birds and other small birds. It is made of wire mesh that has been varnished black, with a red base that matches the internal parts. It is very comfortable and comes complete with accessories, including a swing, a mirror-toy with a little bell, plastic perches, a drinking bottle, a food clip, a feeder for mash and Brava 1 swivel feeders.
The plastic base has two small removable trays that make daily cleaning effortless.
A plastic or metal stand is available as an optional.